* Diesel: Rs. 80.40/Ltr @ Sankagiri Lorry Owners Association, IOC Outlet !!! * * Always double check Vehicle No. on E-Way Bill !!! * * Horn Not OK Please !!! * * Toll-free Emergency No. 1033 for Highway Users !!! *

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Published on 2018-04-06 10:22:29


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Education Series - GST - Bulk E-Way Bill Generation: User Manual of Offline Tool released

The Government has released a User Manual of the offline tool for the bulk generation of E-Way Bills. The move aims to explain the operational procedure on how to use offline tool to generate the bulk e-Way Bills..... Read more by clicking on following web-link. Pls save our WhatsApp (M) 9869309295 to receive alerts, messages etc. Also Like-Share-Follow-Retweet of our broadcasts suitably on LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter etc. Kind request to register on DTiX.org for creating your web presence, visibility, digital marketing of your business activities etc.


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