* Diesel: Rs. 68.76/Ltr @ Sankagiri Lorry Owners Association, IOC Outlet !!! * * Always double check Vehicle No. on E-Way Bill !!! * * Horn Not OK Please !!! * * Toll-free Emergency No. 1033 for Highway Users !!! *


Profile Page :

With social values of empowerment, inclusion and sustaining community we are committed to technology as an enabler. Our members are provided a profile page to establish their presence in this world wide web and network with the sector participants. Request to update your details with photograph and adopt technology as a friend in this most challenging and competitive world to start networking...


Education is the first step towards progress. To keep ourselves updated on the developments, happenings, technology etc. a systematic approach is a must. There are many different avenues and some are as described alongwith…


An updated hand-on-practice with real life touch and feel experiences of the technology and latest introductions enriches everybody


In this fast paced competitive world, we need to be a part of the new advancements, futuristric technology and trends. It's here in the Exhibitions where we can have a live experience of the products launches and related innovations… Click Here for more details

Support Services:

Refer here for guidelines on the journey you expect to undertake. We are in the process to add many more support services in the near future, request to keep updated...


This is an age of Information and our primary motive is to leverage information to benefit transport sector community, society and environment. We are promoting information exchange between hierachies, levels, groups etc. in two way mode with an open and transparent methodology. We have plans to evolve this ideology to empower, include and sustain community thro' expansion of our spread and reach...


Our sector will prosper when all the transport participants along with their family members are brought into main streams of progress. We are socially active and reach out to these families with programs of their interest as computer education, skill development, medical support, financial awareness, team building etc...


Use this facility to get different kinds of forms, formats to address compliance issues…

UMTRI - SMART initiative listed enterprise

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