* Diesel: Rs.65.87/Ltr @ Sankagiri Lorry Owner's Association, IOC Outlet !!! * * Vashi Creek Bridge Traffic Diversion: Feb 5- Feb 23, 2018 * * GST related Contact Phone: 0120-4888999 Helpline (Complaints): 011-23370115 & E mail: helpdesk@gst.gov.in * * http://parivahan.gov.in * * Driving License details: SARDL#Driving Licence No# send SMS 8790499899 * * Vehicle RC details: Type VAHAN #Registration No# send SMS to 7738299899 *


Mission & Vision:

We shall attempt to provide an efficient, affordable, customer-focused, sustainable integrated solution for the domain of transport. It shall be its endeavor to act as an instrument of inclusive growth that promotes commerce, travel and tourism across the state and nation coupled with a firm commitment to improve and expand the reach and access of its services. It shall motivate its Member Associations and through them the Associations’ Members - Operators to serve within the framework of a composite integrated approach and derive solutions based on cutting edge technology that fully respects the independence of the Individual Operator.

UMTRI - SMART initiative listed enterprise

Patent pending (1572/MUM/2011)

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