* Horn Not OK Please !!! * * Diesel: Rs.66.51/Ltr @ Sankagiri Lorry Owners Association, IOC Outlet !!! * * Toll-free Emergency No. 1033 for Highway Users !!! * * GST related Contact Phone: 0120-4888999 Helpline (Complaints): 011-23370115 & E mail: helpdesk@gst.gov.in * * http://parivahan.gov.in * * Driving License details: SARDL#Driving Licence No# send SMS 8790499899 * * Vehicle RC details: Type VAHAN #Registration No# send SMS to 7738299899 *

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Q : Are you aware of proposed hike in 3rd Party Premium (TPP) for vehicles?

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Co-creation with Federations, Associations, Operators, Vehicles and Support network population

" Our aim is to empower, include and sustain transport community with technology as enabler.
We plan to introduce efficiency and productivity enhancing technology tools for
the benefit of the community, society and environment at large. "

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UMTRI - SMART initiative listed enterprise

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