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Our aim is to empower, include and sustain transport community with technology as an enabler. We plan to introduce efficiency and productivity-enhancing technology tools for the benefit of the community, society, and the environment at large.



Providing digital visibility of your business activities, presence and status to stakeholders of all India road transport sector community.

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Logistics Companies

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Supply Chains & Warehousing 

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Support Ecosystem – Products & Services

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Road Transport Research Associates

Group of Mumbai University Transport Economics Professors, Doctorates, Ph. D. Research students and professionals with an aim to empower, include and sustain small scale transport operators thro’ awareness creation and education by deploying digital technology

Transport Economies Unit Group (

Road Transport Research Associates

Team members of academicians from IIM-Ahmedabad, IIT-Mumbai along with industry representatives and sector experts interested in research and technology modules for road transportation under the guidance of All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC)

All India Road Transport Research & Technology Institute (

Road Transport Research Associates

  • Study group of advisory experts and authority personnel in Road Traffic Compliance, Collaborations, Management, Research, Regulations, Special Initiatives etc.

Road Traffic Advisory Study Group (


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